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Nov. 3, 2013

The city of Atlanta, Texas.
The city of Atlanta, Texas.

Local Philanthropist and Possible Witch Makes Offer on Downtown Theater

Mother of three and former nurse turned philanthropist Candice “Candy” Scrimshaw has proposed purchasing the once glorious downtown Mission Theater for an undisclosed sum. Owners Bradley and Michael Mission are keen on the idea but want assurance that Scrimshaw will keep the doors of the town’s only cinema open.

“We fully support the arts of Atlanta,” said Mrs. Scrimshaw from the terrace of her hillside manor. “If my husband were alive today, he would say the same, and I suppose I should have said ‘I’ instead of ‘we.’”

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Detective Tuesday: A Study in Strawberry pt.5


This is it. The conclusion to a story that maybe 20 – 25 of you have asked for. Professor Meritage and the dainty Detective Ditters have come too far to back out now, so onward they march or walk into possible oblivion. I’m guessing they die. Let’s find out together in this shocking conclusion to A Study in Strawberry!

— Grand Moff Railroad

The familiar crunching of feet onto damp earth is heard. The iron doors groan to a halt as he intruders march in, undeterred by the magnitude of the underworld in which they step, undeterred by deceptively ornate church in which they tread. The crunching feet give way to the sound of feet pounding on ancient marble. With each step heard overhead, Phineas and his crew take a step backward.  Continue reading

Detective Tuesday: A Study in Strawberry: IV


Darth Small, writer, novelist, adventurist — dead man. His body was found face down in a puddle outside of a Jons supermarket the other night. Details are murky, but police say he had on his person about thirty pairs of socks. Sounds to me like the North Hampton “sock slasher” is up to his old tricks.

Before he died, Darth Small gave to me the last two portions of his story, A Study in Strawberry. I do hope you enjoy this second to last part. He may have died delivering it (or stealing socks, but I prefer to think of him as being once a noble person). If you need to catch up, find parts one through three here.

— Grand Moff Railroad

North Hampton "Sock Slasher"

A chilly breeze swirls around Meritage and follows him into the ill lit church. Meritage follows Phineas, an enormous beast of a man,  a zealous follower of this obscure St. Sebastian religion. Following Meritage is Detective Ditters, who is propping up a semi-conscious yet curious Nurse Norton.  Continue reading

Detective Thursday: From Pier to Eternity, continued


A body has been discovered on the bank of Lake Monmouth, the only event capable of pulling Professor Meritage away from his attempt at building an urban chicken coup.  Continued today is the second installment of From Pier to Eternity. If you’re just joining us, catch up and then return here. I’ll be waiting for you on the porch with some sweet tea.

Meritage stood on the bank of Lake Monmouth, where only a few days prior Drew Monmouth’s life had come to an end. Studying the shoreline as the water crept up to his toes, Meritage could make out the faint outline of where Monmouth’s body had fallen onto the soft sand. Continue reading

Detective Thursday: From Pier to Eternity


Fiction is a popular thing. Any day of the week, readers can be spotted reading the latest from Agatha Christie or Stephen King in anticipation of the big revelation: “who dunnit?” you ask yourself only to be fooled when it turns out it was the devil or something. Detective Thursdays have been created to fill the gap with a little more fiction than mystery, a little bit more character than Belgians. As a counterpart to our popular Detective Tuesday series of Professor Meritage and Nurse Norton shorts, Detective Thursday will feature the same characters only from a different perspective. Think of them as two sides of the same mirror, a mirror with no edges and thus impossible to lift with bare hands.

Introducing the first in a serialized story. Please respond well to From Pier to Eternity, part one, and while you’re here why not click the “like” button on the right to keep in touch with me and Darth Small on our adventures on Facebook.

On the bank of Lake Monmouth sat Drew Monmouth, heir to nothing. Had he not been born fifty years too late, his inheritance would have been substantial — a large sum of money, a larger parcel of land (including but not limited to the lake he sat beside and the fields adjacent, now being used for a rotating series of cilantro and cabbage), and possibly a young cousin to marry. As it were, in the 21st century, a royal lineage entitles a man to nothing more than a title and a Christmas card from the royal family if his name happens to be on the list.  Continue reading

Detective Tuesday: A Study in Strawberry continued

Last Tuesday, the world was introduced to the strange tale of the mysterious and somewhat erotic murder of the jelly or jam preserves. This week, Detective Ditters and Professor Meritage, alongside Nurse Norton, reappear to further investigate. Darth Small continues his tale of antiquated terms for a spreadable fruit paste in A Study in Strawberry part two.

Professor Meritage and Nurse Norton walk along the bank of an anonymous canal. The air is heavy and damp, its cold but the air is so thick it fits like a blanket. The water drifts slowly downstream as if it were strolling on a lazy Sunday. The sun is hidden by the clouds, which should be opening up anytime soon by the looks of them.

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Detective Tuesday: One Way Out

A good mystery can do a lot of things. I suppose it can make you hungry as well as the other things it may or may not do. Professor Meritage and Detective Ditters return willingly or not in One Way Out. Prepare to be stricken with hunger — the food you eat may be your own.

Compared to the elevator the hall seemed crisp and inviting, though neither were a catch as far as rooms to stand in were concerned. Mark had come up from the second floor to the fourth to catch his friend Patrick on his lunch break and had a good battle of wills against his better judgment to do so. Being indoors, especially inside the White Hill apartments, was similar to being put on a shelf in a dark corner so as to have a place in the world.

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